Clyde Coast Training Sessions

August 22nd, 2017

The next session will be Saturday 26th August 07.00-08.15 at Lifestyles.

Swimmers are welcome at the land session after at Trinity High. These will run every Saturday unless I post otherwise.

We have a lot to do this year and Stewart Fergusson and I will be working with this group and as many new recruits as we can attract, particularly Boys. Swimmers I would be expecting are :-

Abigail Crawford
Ben O’Reilly
Callum Ferguson
Cara Swallow
Elise Leslie
Erin Campbell
Euan Campbell
Euan Mitchell
Jamie Miller
John Dunn
Katie Jackson
Kaysey Dickson
Kieran Swallow
Kirsty Forrest
Lara Sabharwal
Macy McLean
Monica Muir
Olivia McGlone
Owen Wallis

Lindsay Young,
Head Coach