Swimming Membership

Members of the Club must also be members of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA), the national governing body for aquatic sports.  The Club is affiliated to SASA and is part of the West District. Each year the club has to register every swimmer with SASA and pay the annual membership fee.  Each year the club also has to pay a per capita fee to the West District.

The payment of the SASA registration means that the individual is covered by the Association’s insurance policy. The club also pays the registration fee and per capita fees on behalf of all committee members and regular volunteers, as well as officials who register to represent the Club. Casual volunteers are automatically covered by the same insurance policy.

Each member will be registered and issued with a personal Registration number which can be found on Scottish Swimming’s Membership Check page.  A SASA Registration number is required to compete in accredited meets and National Championships.

SASA membership fees are included in the Club’s annual membership fee as follows…

Membership Categories Available – membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March

Swimmer  – a member of any age who participates in any aquatic discipline.

PeriodPercentage rateSASA feeTotal fee
Apr-Aug 2020100% of annual fee£45£55 (1st swimmer)
Sep-Dec 202060% of annual fee£27£40
Jan-Mar 202125% of annual fee£11.25£25

Non-Swimmer  – Club Volunteer, Technical Official, Teacher & Coach.

Apr 2020-Mar 2021 £10

As this is one of the main records of your personal details, it’s important this is accurate and up-to-date.  The Club will endeavour to ensure this is the case but it’s really your responsibility.  Please make sure you log on to check and maintain your details.

How do I log on?

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