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Rutherglen Values

Success at all levels of competitive swimming indoors and open water.
Providing the highest standard of swimming coaching and training possible.
Promoting lifelong positive values and qualities in our members in and out of water.
Enhancing the status and reputation of swimming in the South East of Glasgow, Rutherglen & Cambuslang and within the community.
Offering club membership benefits to swimmers and parents in a friendly environment.

Rutherglen Mission

At Rutherglen the coaching staff and club officials are committed to helping every swimmer to reach his or her maximum potential. We believe this can be achieved for a wide range of ages and ability levels within a competitive environment. For many swimmers, their development potential will often be realised in terms of competitive results. Sport and Swimming is not just about winning or losing. It is also a life learning experience. This includes learning to cope with success and failure, Goal setting, planning and achieving goals. Young age group swimmers develop physically and mature at different rates. Coaching staff are aware of the needs of the individual. Our squad system and training programme uses the principles of long – term athlete development. We try and provide each swimmer with the opportunities they need to progress in the sport within our resources. We also try to engage swimmers and parents as volunteers and run social activities and other events to help improve performance.