The Rutherglen Rush

“Splash & Dash” & Presentation Disco

This annual gala usually takes place at Lifestyles Pool on the second Tuesday in June, between 6:00pm and approximately 8:30pm and is open to all club swimmers in all squads.
It is followed by a buffet disco in the evening of the following Saturday where medals & trophies will be presented and the overall winner of the Rutherglen Rush announced.

A registration desk will be in operation and all swimmers are required to sign in prior to the warm-up. Only those who have signed in on the day will be permitted to take part in the competition.

Swimmers will compete in 25m events in each of the 4 strokes (Fly, Back, Breast, Free – in that order) and 100m Individual Medley.
There will be no formal training on the night of the Rutherglen Rush.

Start sheets will be produced during the warm-up and competitors are sent for marshalling in advance of their events.

The Rutherglen Rush has two awards categories –

1. Event Presentation Awards.
Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented in both boys and girls categories in each of the below age groups for those swimmers with the fastest cumulative total of all 4x25m events plus the 100m IM.
Age Groups: 8 and Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15 and Over

2. The Rutherglen Rush Trophies.
Gold, Silver & Bronze trophies are awarded to the three swimmers, irrespective of age or gender, whose 100m IM time comes proportionally closest (expressed as a percentage) to the cumulative total of their 4 25m event times.
The swimmer who achieves Gold in this shall also be declared the overall winner of the year’s Rutherglen Rush and shall have their name added to the Rutherglen Rush Shield.

There are no disqualifications at this meet except for false starts, wrong stroke or unsportsmanlike behaviour at the discretion of the Starter/Referee.
Any swimmer subject to a disqualification will be ineligible for either an Event Presentation Award, Trophy or the Shield.