South Lanarkshire Development Meets

The South Lanarkshire Development Meet (SLSDM) has been formed out of what was in previous years known as “The Mini League” (not to be confused with the “Clyde Coast Mini League”).

Each of the the six clubs that form ‘South Lanarkshire Swimming’ (Blantyre, East Kilbride, Hamilton, Lanark, Larkhall and Rutherglen) host a meet at Larkhall Leisure Centre throughout the year, three begin held in the Autumn and three in Spring/Summer.

There are three aims to the SLSDM :

  • To facilitate the development of younger Age Group swimmers between internal club time trials and Graded Meet level.
  • To foster the development of Swimming Technical Officials and
  • To help develop clubs and their ability to run their own meets.

Time bands for each event (i.e. “no faster than” and “no slower than” entry times) are set and all entries made within these are accepted.

Each swimmer can only enter a maximum of 2 events per gala which are selected and paid for by their club. However, if a swimmer withdraws after the programme has been published or does not turn up on the day they will be subject to a small charge in order to cover these fees.

The event age groups are based on swimmers’ ages at 31st December in the year of the competition.

Pennants are presented to swimmers for first, second and third place in each event.

Each participating club is responsible for providing a minimum of 2 timekeepers for each meet and the host club must ensure there are two timekeepers per lane. A £25 fine, payable to the host club, is incurred by any attending club not meeting these requirements and any club incurring fines in excess of £100 in any one year is subject to membership review.

Although these are low level meets, the “Spirit of the Meet” is that it will be run to high standard. The times recorded at the meet will not be accredited”, swimmers will not be disqualified in the 10 and under age band and discretion will be used at all times. One start rule will be in operation and applied at the starter’s discretion. Advice will be given to swimmers by officials on technical matters where appropriate.

No form of photography is allowed at these meets.