Rutherglen Swimfest

July 7th, 2016

Rutherglen ASC will be running our first annual Swimfest on the 8th-9th of October 2016 at Tollcross International Swimming Centre, Glasgow. The Potential Entries will be coming out soon, until then here is more information about Swimfest

Swimfest is in two parts :- Speedfest and Skillfest.
Speedfest is a two part Graded Meet with a twist.
Skillfest is about learning as well as fun and speed, with the emphasis on skills.

We all love our sport, so we are trying to present a new style of aquatic event and play our part in bringing the 21st century into swimming. We hope that Swimfest will be the start of something more and play a part in making our sport more dynamic and attractive in a more relaxed and less intimidating environment.

There are placeholder Facebook and Twitter pages set up, which will have more information as the activity around this meet heats up.