2019 WD Long Course Age Group Pre-SNAG Meet

January 21st, 2019

Fiona’s selections for this meet are now available on our calendar.
Entry deadline is the 24th January.


Awards Night Success

January 20th, 2019

After the huge success of the Awards Night, I’d like to follow up on a few topics.

Firstly, thanks again to all those who attended, all the swimmers for their efforts during the last year, our coaches for their positive guidance and dedication, and the organising committee for putting together such a slick, professional evening.

You will have noticed in Fiona’s video many images of the recent swim camp in Spain.  The Club’s first swim camp abroad was a huge success and the organising committee of Gerry Bradley, Angela McGhee, Fiona and Craig did a fantastic job, both in the run up to the trip and whilst there.  The kids came back buzzing about the experience and re-energised for the season ahead.  We are looking at the same trip this October again, with pool/hotel availability already confirmed, along with the commitment of Fiona and Angela again, with another team manager and coach to be selected.  In order to confirm the booking, we will be moving quickly over the next weeks to confirm swimmers’ interest so invitations can be expected this coming week.

The Club can look forward to another successful year with the team spirit strengthened in Spain driving performances.  We were complimented on many occasions last year for our team spirit and we can hopefully look forward to this continuing.  Swimmers should be reminded of the need for the highest levels of behaviour at all times, in the pool, in public changing areas and at competitions, respecting one another and other fellow swimmers.  We can all be very proud of our achievements and reputation.  Let’s keep up the good work


Steven Horn




January 19th, 2019

Results and records from SL Dev Meet 1 & 2019 West District Long Course AG Champ WE1 are now available. Please check our results and records pages.


Long Course AG Champ WE2

January 18th, 2019

Accepted entries & draft programmes now available.


Grangemouth JAGS/MAGS

January 18th, 2019

Accepted entries and draft programmes for this meet are now available on our calendar.


East Kilbride Swim Team SNAGS Time Trial Meet

January 18th, 2019

Potential entries for this meet are now available on our web calendar.
Entry deadline for this meet is the 24th January.


Thursday Training

January 17th, 2019

Please can all Performance Squad swimmers be aware that from now on they will need to be out of the pool no later than 9:45pm on Thursday night’s training sessions.


Morning sessions

January 14th, 2019

Please note that the Monday morning session will be starting again this coming Monday, January 21st, 0530 till 0700 hrs. As per the Tuesday morning session, this is open to all Performance squad members.

This extra session will be running up until the Scottish National Age Group Championships and is intended to help prepare swimmers who have already qualified or are looking to qualify for this competition.

Training volumes, hours and number of sessions a week, have to be appropriate to a swimmers age and stage of development. They also have to be progressive and there is no intention for our Club to give very young swimmers 9 and under any more training no matter how good they are. We do care for the long-term future of our athletes not for short-term instant success.

Two squads (Junior Performance and Senior Performance) are invited to attend. Our results with those who attend regularly have been very good and they and the Club have moved on to a new Level. Although initially we had 20 attending, this has now settled at about 12 from a group of 15/16.

For those attending the Coaches will be looking for: –
Mindset – believe Talent is developed from your natural toolbox, not what you are born with.
Learning – always wanting to learn more, no matter what you already think you know.
Skill/Mastery – develop great basic skills above everything else.
Work ethic – ability to work hard unsupervised.
Teamwork – ability to work with others to drive the training group on.
Ownership – in control of your swimming. It is your swimming not your parents or the coaches.
Are you competing regularly? – The right events, all events, your worst events?
Age/experience/ability – developing your own talent from wherever you are currently.
Organisation – have all the personal equipment necessary including hydration without borrowing.


SL Dev Meet 2

January 13th, 2019

We will be hosting SL Dev Meet 2 at Larkhall on 16th February.
Fiona’s selections are now available on our calendar page.
Please note – if you have been selected & cannot attend you must let Alison know by 22nd January.


SL Dev Meet 1

January 10th, 2019

The updated programme for SL Dev Meet 1 is now available on our calendar page.