Clyde Coast Round 3, Campbeltown

April 26th, 2016   

The Clyde Coast list is available to update on the club notice board. Please tick if the swimmer is available and travelling on the bus.

Bus details: Swimmers should arrive at Eastfield no later than 8:15. The bus will return around 8:00pm. Cost is £5 per family. Any remaining seats will be free for adults.


Coaches Notice

April 26th, 2016   

Lindsay has uploaded a notice on new morning sessions: Please log in to see more


Thanks From Lindsay

April 23rd, 2016   

From Lindsay:

Thanks to everyone for the cakes and wee surprise on poolside last night for my 60th Birthday. That was last Friday, however I thought I had quietly taken the night off as Pam, leigh and Neale took me to Carluccio’s in Glasgow. Sadly the Rock concert in Berlin didn’t quite work out, Italy next time J

Thanks again


Best in the West confirmed swims

April 22nd, 2016   

The Best in the West Meet page has been  updated with the confirmed entries and programmes: Please log in to see more

There are also some notes about changes to the schedule:

Evening sessions are cancelled and Finals for 50s in Session 2 and 4 are retained and are at the end of the each session.
The heats for the 50’s have been moved to the beginning of the session, although the Event Nos. have been retained.

The start times for Sat/Sun sessions has also been changed as follows –

Morning Warm Ups: 8.30am
Morning Starts: 9.30am
Afternoon Warm Ups: 12.00pm
Afternoons Starts: 1.00pm

An appeal has gone out to all Clubs to bring as many Technical Officials as possible as the low swimmers numbers impacts on available STOs.


UKCC L1 Teaching Aquatics

April 21st, 2016   

Lindsay has forwarded a notice from South Lanarkshire Leisure about the upcoming “UKCC L1 Teaching Aquatics” course. Please contact Lindsay if you are interested in applying.

We are running a Level 1 UKCC Teaching Aquatics commencing Wed 6th July. Booking can be made by calling 01698 476262. The course cost is £300 which must be paid at the time of booking.Bookings are on a first come first served basis.

Subsidies must be applied for with sportScotland a minimum of 4 wks in advance. Late applications are not considered. A maximum subsidy of £100 can be applied for.

This is the link to apply for sportScotland bursary funding.

Candidates must be members of Scottish Swimming. Please ensure that you are joining for 2016/2017. You can use South Lanarkshire Leisure Swim School as your organisation if you do not have one. Link below

Course Code is 016JUL011 L1 TA

Level 1 Course
Wednesday        6 July   5pm – 9.30pm       A McCoist
Thursday         7 July   9am – 3.30pm       Larkhall LC
Friday           8 July   9am – 3.30pm       Larkhall LC
Saturday         9 July   9.45am – 5.30pm    Larkhall LC
Sunday          10 July   8.30am – 3.30pm    Larkhall LC
Wednesday       13 July   5pm – 9.30pm       A McCoist


Accessing poolside at Lifestyles

April 21st, 2016   

Please note that we have been asked by Lifestyles management to refrain from using the cafe area door to access poolside. It is a designated fire door and should only be used in emergencies. Please make sure you access poolside through the changing area only.


Coaches Notice

April 19th, 2016   

Lindsay has uploaded a notice about last weekends Clyde Coast in Kilmarnock: Please log in to see more


Coaches Notice

April 19th, 2016   

Lindsay has uploaded a notice on next Thursdays Training Evening “The Human Connection” available to committee and parents: Please log in to see more


Rascals Graded Meet – Potential Entries

April 18th, 2016   

The potential entries have been added to the Rascals Graded Meet page: Please log in to see more


Clyde Coast Round 2 Result

April 17th, 2016   

A huge well done to the Clyde Coast team today who won round 2 at Kilmarnock. Final scores were:

176 Rutherglen
158 Kilmarnock
104 Renfrew Baths

Although the winning margin was less than 20 points, this was a convincing victory considering the team had no 8 yr old boys, which effectively gave away up to 10 points.
Every swimmer in the scoring and spare lanes all swam fantastically and contributed to a great team performance. It was also great to see a few first time swimmers in the team.
Well done to coaches, helpers and officials too. And also the watching parents who created a fantastic atmosphere, particularly at the closer races and the relays.

Next up round 3 at Campbeltown on Saturday 30th April.


Clyde coast bus

April 17th, 2016   

The Clyde Coast bus will leave Kilmarnock about 3:20 so should be back at Eastfields around 4pm.


Clyde Coast bus

April 16th, 2016   

A reminder that the Clyde Coast bus will leave from Eastfield in the morning. Can everyone please arrive for 10:15.


North Ayrshire Junior Meet – Potential Entries

April 13th, 2016   

The Potential Entries for the North Ayrshire Junior Meet is available on its Meet page: Please log in to see the link


Clyde Coast Round 2

April 12th, 2016   
A reminder that the list for Round 2 of the Clyde Coast is on the club notice board.  Please tick if the swimmer is available and travelling on the bus.

Swimmers should arrive at Eastfield no later than 10:15. The bus will return around 5:30.  Bus cost is £5 per family.


East District Open & Grand Prix Potential Entries

April 12th, 2016   

The potential entries list for the East District Open & Grand Prix is available on the meet page: 

Please log in for further information