Wednesday morning swimming cancelled

October 18th, 2016   

Wednesday morning swimming session has been cancelled. Sorry for the short notice.


Clyde Coast Winter Championships Results

October 16th, 2016   

The results for the Clyde Coast Winter Championships have been added to the results page. The final scores were:

1. City of Glasgow 430
2. Ren 96 385
3. South Ayrshire 381
4. West Dumbarton 344
5. Rutherglen 321
6. North Ayrshire 255
7. Renfrew Baths 182
8. Kilmarnock 179
Kingston 179
9. Bellshill 131


Kingston Sprints Graded Meet Potential Entries

October 15th, 2016   

The potential entries for the Kingston Sprints Graded Meet are on its meet page: Please log in to see more.

The deadline for entry is next Thursday, the 20th October.


Ren96 Open Meet Entry List

October 15th, 2016   

The Entry List for the Ren96 Open Meet is available on its meet page: Please log in to see more


Fauldhouse Meet draft programme

October 15th, 2016   

The Fauldhouse draft programme is available on its meet page: Please log in to see more


Active Girls Day

October 15th, 2016   

Lindsay has uploaded a notice advertising Active Girls Day: Please log in to see more

As an active member of Stonelaw Hub, Rutherglen ASC are offering free access on Tuesday 25th & Thursday 27th from 20.00-21.00, with Gold Squad (11 years plus). For girls under 11 a session is available with the Development squad from 18.00-19.00.
If you have any girls from your friends or family who would like to come, please bring them along. The coaches will be doing more appropriate activities to cater for those who may not be used to our usual activities on these days.


Half-term morning swimming sessions

October 15th, 2016   

Half-term morning sessions are:

Senior and Junior Performance Squads
Monday 17th 07.00-09.00
Wednesday 19th 07.00-09.00

Friday 21st 07.00-09.00


Ren 96 Draft Programme

October 12th, 2016   

The Ren 96 SC Open Meet Draft Programme is available on its meet page: Please log in to see more


WD Junior Age Group – Potential Entries

October 12th, 2016   

The potential entries for the WD Junior Age Group Meet are available on its meet page: Please log in to see more


Swimmer of the Month

October 11th, 2016   

Swimmers of the month for September are:

Development: Freya Fairweather
Bronze: There is currently no Bronze Squad
Silver: Cara McNeill
Gold: Ethan Clearie
Performance: Anthony Bradley

Well done swimmers! Please remember to pick up your awards from the Club desk.


Coaches Notice

October 11th, 2016   

Lindsay has uploaded a couple of notices:

Last weekends SL Dev Meet4 in Larkhall: Please log in to see more
Kicktest results: Please log in to see more


SL Dev Meet 4 Results

October 11th, 2016   

The results and records from last weekends SL Dev Meet 4 Meet have been uploaded to the usual places.


Lost goggles

October 9th, 2016   

Freya Black has left her black and yellow prescription googles at training last Thursday night. If you see them, please hand on to the club desk or give to Freya or her mum Jo.


SL Dev Meet 4

October 6th, 2016   

The draft programme for the SL Dev Meet 4 is on its Meet page: Please log in to see more.


Land training on Wednesdays

October 5th, 2016   

Can the older swimmers who used to do weights at 6pm on Wednesdays please come for land training at that time again. The 8pm session is getting a bit too busy and it also allows them an early night after two early mornings and one late night pool session.