Potential Entries – West District Short Course Sprints

June 21st, 2017   

The potential entries for the West District Short Course Sprints & Relays is on its meet page: Please log in to see more


Chaperones for the Sheffield Weekend

June 21st, 2017   

As you know the Club have arranged to travel to Sheffield in September to participate in the Sheffield Teaspoons Gala. This is a great opportunity for the swimmers to have a fun filled weekend, helps build team spirit within the Club and gives some of the newer/younger members the chance to get to know one another a bit better.

As always these events cannot take place without the help, support and commitment from parents within the Club.

Child Protection Guidance recommends that we have 1 parent for every 3 children attending. In previous years we have booked overnight rooms for 4, 3 children and 1 adult. It is the Clubs intention to do the same again this year.

With this in mind can you let me know ASAP if you are travelling to Sheffield with your child and if you would be willing to be a chaperone for one night. I will need to meet with you to complete a Self Declaration and PVG on behalf of Rutherglen Amateur Swimming Club, otherwise you will not be able to take on this role.
This process can take between 6-8 weeks to complete, hence the urgency of this request.

Please note that if we do not have enough parent helpers/volunteers then this may jeopardise the trip for all concerned!

Please Email Amanda Kennedy (Child Protection/Welfare Officer) ASAP if you are willing to be a chaperone and supervise the swimmers attending. Many thanks!


Rutherglen Challenge

June 20th, 2017   

On the 19th of August 2017 we will be holding our Rutherglen Challenge at Larkhall. It’s the fantastic volunteers that help us make these events the success that they always are and we would love you to donate some of your time on the day to support this meet.

A volunteer sheet will be placed on the notice board shortly so please keep an eye out for it.

This is also an opportunity for us to continue to raise funds for our club so we will be holding a raffle at the event. If you have a nice bottle of something sitting in the house or if
you would like to pick up an extra bottle of wine in the weekly shop then please do so and hand it into the club desk please. As always all your support is appreciated and helps us make our club the fantastic success that it is!


Fund Raising for Sheffield Trip

June 20th, 2017   

As you know the Sheffield trip is a fantastic opportunity and our kids love to attend. To help keep the overall costs down we would like your support at
our bag packing day at Tesco Dalmarnock. Please put your names on the sheet that will be placed on the notice board this week.
Your support for the club is always appreciated, all we ask is that you give a little time.

Saturday 5th August
Tesco Dalmarnock
10am – 2pm


Coaches Notices

June 20th, 2017   

Lindsay has uploaded a new notices:Please log in to see more


Rutherglen Rush

June 20th, 2017   

Thanks to everyone who helped run Saturdays Rutherglen Rush. As always, it takes many hands: officials, helpers, evening organisation, the buffet etc. Coach Lindsay adds his own thanks and with a word or two on performances: Please log in to see more


Rutherglen Rush Results

June 18th, 2017   

The results and records from the Rutherglen Rush have been uploaded, see: Please log in to see more

Well done to all the swimmers!


Cumbernauld Open Results

June 17th, 2017   

The results and records from last weekends Cumbernauld Open have been uploaded to the usual places.


Rutherglen Rush Poster

June 13th, 2017   


Coaches Notice

June 13th, 2017   

Lindsay has uploaded a couple of notices on recent club successes:Please log in to see more


Land Training – Venue Change

June 12th, 2017   

This this week only, Wednesdays Land Training will be at Stonelaw High School 19.00-21.00.

The 18.00 group should go at 20.00-21.00


Clyde Coast Meeting Reminder

June 12th, 2017   

A reminder that there will be a meeting tomorrow night at the Social work area of Lifestyles for swimmers and parents of the upcoming Clyde Coast team (see list below). All swimmers who are 11 years and under on 30th June next year 2018 will be eligible.

The meeting is at the Social work area of Lifestyles (to the right through the entrance). Please can you attend. Any of these swimmers in Rascals and Silver squads will not be expected to be training at that time and will need to get changed in dry clothes at 19.00.

Can all swimmers with the new Clyde Coast T-shirt please return them.

Cara Swallow
Macy McLean
Ben O’Reilly
Julie Man
Lara Sabharwal
Jamie Miller
Kieran Swallow
Euan Mitchell
John Dunn
Elise Leslie
Owen Wallis
Sky Buchanan
Monica Muir
Callum Ferguson
Kirsty Forrest
Kaysey Dickson
Katie Jackson
Euan Mitchell
Abigail Crawford
Erin Campbell


Rutherglen Rush

June 9th, 2017   

The Rutherglen Rush is nearly upon us. All competing swimmers get into the disco free at Springhall Community Centre, everyone else £5. Tickets can be purchased at club desk on Tues/Thurs.

And remember the buffet! Last year Paula did a great list if you are wondering what to bring: here.


Open water swimming

June 9th, 2017   

Lindsay has uploaded a notice on Sophie Bestwicks open water swimming exploits: Please log in to see more

Well done Sophie!


Land training cancelled

June 7th, 2017   

Land Training has been cancelled for this evening as Trinity High is closed for school activities.

Apologies for the short notice