Mobile Phone Policy

July 8th, 2016   

Below is a statement from Scottish Swimming on its Mobile Phone Policy

Scottish Swimming has been dealing with a growing number of mobile phone related incidents over the past year, with a significant increase of incidents in the last month. In the main these incidents are taking place in changing rooms, many of them are becoming police matters and the repercussions are significant for those members involved.

Scottish Swimming has a very clear Mobile Phone Policy, please see link below, in particular the Policy states that there are ‘mobile phone free’ areas which include Changing Rooms, Toilets and Showers – the policy is clear that there is a zero tolerance approach to use of phones in these areas. The policy applies during all club activities including training and competition, regardless of the venue.

Can you please ensure all members are aware of this policy and have signed up to it. Importantly can you make sure parents are also aware of the policy and the growing issue that we are facing, the consequences for their children can be significant if the rules are broken.

Forbes Dunlop
Chief Executive Officer
Scottish Swimming

Scottish Swimmings Mobile Phone Policy can be found here.

Amanda (our Child Protection Officer) will co-ordinate the distribution and signing of this policy after the summer break.

Please note that there is also a Safer Internet guide here which contains useful info on the more popular social media platforms that children use.


Rutherglen Swimfest

July 7th, 2016   

Rutherglen ASC will be running our first annual Swimfest on the 8th-9th of October 2016 at Tollcross International Swimming Centre, Glasgow. The Potential Entries will be coming out soon, until then here is more information about Swimfest

Swimfest is in two parts :- Speedfest and Skillfest.
Speedfest is a two part Graded Meet with a twist.
Skillfest is about learning as well as fun and speed, with the emphasis on skills.

We all love our sport, so we are trying to present a new style of aquatic event and play our part in bringing the 21st century into swimming. We hope that Swimfest will be the start of something more and play a part in making our sport more dynamic and attractive in a more relaxed and less intimidating environment.

There are placeholder Facebook and Twitter pages set up, which will have more information as the activity around this meet heats up.


Coaches Notice – Autumn Roadmap

July 5th, 2016   

Lindsay has uploaded some guidance on the events coming up this Autumn and which Meets the swimmer should be aiming for:

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Kilmarnock Centenary Gala

July 5th, 2016   

Lindsay has uploaded a notice about the Kilmarnock Centenary Gala on the 14th August: Please log in to see more


Scottish Open Water Championships

July 5th, 2016   

The following swimmers have been entered in the Scottish Open Water Championships. Anyone 12 or over, not on this list who wants a challenge and wants to enter please email Lindsay asap.

Entries have to be in by 16th July.

Sophie Bestwick
Johann Fawcett
Ethan Horn
Louise Bradley
Amy McGhee
Elise Fawcett
Maisie Stewart
Lukas Black
Caolan Millard


DRP Managers

July 5th, 2016   

Below is from John Deans about managing or coaching for the district

Below are Notices of Interest for DRP Team Managers and DRP Assistant Coaches for West District for the 2016/17 session.

Note of interest – Manager: PDF / DOC
Note of interest – Coach: PDF / DOC

West District’s responsibility to the DRP is to provide 4 Team Managers and we struggle every year. Coaching is managed via Scottish Swimming but local Coaches as strongly encouraged to support the programme by participating as Assistant Coaches.
HELP your District.

See Lindsay if you are interested. Applications need to be in by July 22nd.


West District Sprint & Relay Championship 2016

June 26th, 2016   

The potential entries for the West District Sprint & Relay Championship on August 27th-28th are now available: 
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You should receive an email if your swimmer is a potential entry.


Coaches Notices

June 23rd, 2016   

Lindsay has uploaded some new notices:
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Saturday Dollan Training

June 23rd, 2016   

Saturday Junior and Senior Performance training at the Dollan is at 16.00, particularly for those competing at the Scottish Nationals next week at Tollcross.


Summer timetable

June 23rd, 2016   

The summer timetable is available: here


Thank You

June 22nd, 2016   

Adam would like to thank everyone who sponsored him for the Glasgow Men’s 10k which he did on Sunday.
He managed to raise almost £500 for this great charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.
Also a thank you to Wright Sports (our kit supplier) for their generous sponsorship.
You can sponsor Adam online using the link below.
Thanks again,



June 17th, 2016   

The results from last weekends Clyde Coast Meet have been uploaded to the usual places.


Rascals mascots

June 16th, 2016   

If anyone knows where the Rascal mascots are, please let the front desk or Jacqueline Wilkie know. There are two mascots: the big one and a little one that used to live in the cabinet trophy.



June 16th, 2016   

The results and records from last weekends Cumbernauld Meet have been uploaded to the usual places.


Clyde Coast bus

June 11th, 2016   

The bus back from Ayr is expected back about 2:45pm.