Ongoing Club activities

June 4th, 2020

During the current Coronavirus situation we continue to follow all advice and guidance provided by government and Scottish Swimming. However, we have been keen to maintain a safe degree of continuity and interaction despite this. As well as other activities the club will provide, Fiona has been providing daily land training sessions which are available to all our swimmers. Participation is entirely voluntary and feedback received so far has been extremely positive!
Many parents have asked about making a contribution to the club in recognition of the activities available. The committee feel that all our swimmers should be able to avail the activities on offer at no cost.
However, for those parents who do wish to make a contribution they can do so by making a payment to the account you would normally pay your monthly fees in to. Could you kindly reference the payment Donation.
This can be as a one-off or as often as you wish.

Best regards and keep safe

RASC Management Committee