Confirmed Entries for East Kilbride Graded and Age Group Meets

February 13th, 2020

Please see the confirmed entries for each event in the calendar.

If you are new to entering competitions you may see SCR next to your childs name. This means that they have been Scratched. They will no longer be competing in this event and our treasurer will organise a refund.

ALT (or RES) next to your childs name means that they are an Alternative (or Reserve). They are a reserve for the swim and they may get the swim if another swimmer pulls out and withdraws but they also may not get their swim. Normally the coach on poolside can let the swimmers know if they have their swim after the warm up, when the start sheets becomes available as withdrawals are handed in by coaches during the warm up.

Please refer to the Swimming Glosssary page for these and more definitions.