European Short Course Medal Bearers

November 5th, 2019

Message from Scottish Swimming…

The European Short Course team are looking for some Medal Bearers for the games. This is a cool opportunity!

If you have anyone interested, you or the club member should contact Harry Rodgers, on or at 0141 287 2055.

I have attached below some preferred requirements when looking for people however, they can also be flexible if required.

– 8 persons required (ideally 4 boys and 4 girls)

– Age 16 – 18 years

– Shift times 16.00 – 19.45

– Dates required 3 – 8 December

– Ideally we would like it to be the same 8 every evening

They are also looking for 3 more teams of 11 Kit Carriers. This could be a great team building experience and its lots of fun for you teams. Again, if you can contact Harry Directly that would be great.