Timekeeping Course

February 4th, 2019

Hi All

I am hoping to arrange a Timekeeping course in the near future for anyone who may be interested.

As you know this is an important role in the Club,  especially if your child regularly competes at Competitions/Galas as there is  the expectation that parents/carers will assist where possible to help spread the responsibility/onus between all involved.

Without Timekeepers/Judges and the good will of parents/carers/family members such competitions/galas would not be possible, therefore can I ask you to consider putting yourself forward for a course.

The course will last approximately 2-3hours and will include a practical session poolside.  Details of when and where will be confirmed at a later date, however I will try to have this held at Lifestyles for the convenience of all.

If interested please Email our STO Co-ordinator at the following Email address NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 15 FEBRUARY 19.


Many Thanks