September 20th, 2017

“The Portal” 16-17 September 2017

11 swimmers with 39 swims took part in this event. The squad consisted of Callum Ferguson, Cara
Forrest, Elise Leslie, Eve Hamilton, Freya Lamont, Jamie Miller, Jori Horn, Kaysey Dickson, Lara
Sabharwal, Marcy McFarlane, Megan Fyfe and Neve Murray. 24 Pb’s were achieved and two first
time swims at this level.

First places were achieved by:-
Jori Horn (2), Lara Sabharwal (2), Marcy McFarlane (2), Eve Hamilton and Callum Ferguson

Second places were achieved by:-
Jamie Miller (2), Eve Hamilton, Callum Ferguson and Megan Fyfe

Third places were achieved by:-
Freya Lamont, Kaysey Dickson, Callum Ferguson, Megan Fyfe, Jamie Miller.

Some of the PB’s were immense but probably the best was Elise Leslie in the 100IM taking over 11
seconds off.

Some really good swims here and I don’t think there were any disqualifications. Still quite a lot of
improvements needed to starts and turns but steady progress. Kasey Dickson is still only 7 and
already moving up into medal places in the 8 and unders with great technique. Well done everyone
and for those parents who presented themselves as technical officials. For full results see website.
Boys scored 39 Points, Girls scored 72 points 😊

Lindsay Young,
Head Coach