August 26th, 2017

AYR CITADEL 26/27 August 2017
Maybe few in our Club realise that probably the biggest squad ever of Rutherglen swimmers are competing at this event this weekend. This is a huge high-level event for most of us and something like 40 of our swimmers are taking part in 122 events plus relays. The sprints at Ayr (almost my home town if there is such a thing) are always exciting, where as a Club we have always done well. It may almost have been forgotten but we took Gold and held at one stage a Boys District Relay Record almost unheard of by a Club our size.
We have some real stars taking part this year and a number of new inexperienced swimmers involved at this level too. A few others too could have gotten some great experience here but have not taken the opportunity they should have for whatever reason. After quite a lot of work we have some great relay squads which I am looking forward to watching. This is where ‘Team’ and ‘whole club support’ is so vital even if you were unfortunately not chosen.
For everyone in the Club you can follow what is going on throughout the weekend and I am sure Fiona will be updating our Social media. There are lots of our special swimmers to follow and watch out for from our club just. However, you should watch out for Alastair Kirkwood and learn, but also watch our relay squads some of which I consider strong and others that are just starting out. I can’t name everyone here unfortunately but our junior performance and senior performance swimmers are all looking good.
Remember there are points scored in finals and I am calculating Boys v Girls 😊
I am confident that all those who have trained hard, prepared properly, and have focused over the holidays will perform to or above their best. I always like surprises so surprise or even shock me!