Kilmarnock Centenary Gala

August 24th, 2017

This year’s gala in on Sunday 3rd September at Kilmarnock. There are medals at this Gala and we share a spare lane swim.

Please tick your name on the noticeboard sheet if you are available, please see me if you are not.
Medals are awarded to Top 3 and we hold the cup so need a strong Team. Some of our senior swimmers are making a special effort to go to this event.

A bus is being arranged (details to follow) and I would like the Team to travel on the bus please.

Abigail Crawford
Alaistair Kirkwood
Amy McGhee
Anthony Bradley
Ayesha McDonald
Ben O’Reilly
Blair Kennedy
Calum Fergusson
Calum Gowran
Cara Forrest
Chris PM
Elise Fawcett
Elise Leslie
Erin Campbell
Erin Holmes
Ethan Horn
Euan Mitchell
Eve Hamilton
Freya Lamont
Isabella McNeil
Jamie Miller
Johann Fawcett
John Dunn
Jori Horn
Katie Jackson
Kaysey Dickson
Kirsty Forrest
Lara Sabharwal
Louise Bradley
Lukas Black
Maisie Stewart
Marcy McFarlane
Megan Fyffe
Monica Muir
Olivia McFarlane
Olivia McGlone
Rachel Borland
Ross McGhee
Sam Sabharwal