EK Accredited Timetrial

February 2nd, 2017

Can swimmers in the Performance Squads (Rascals, Junior & Senior Performance squads) please contact coach Lindsay if you plan to enter the EK Accredited Timetrial. Email Lindsay (click here) stating which stroke and distance you want to do. Let Lindsay know, even if you plan NOT to go, by Friday, 3rd Feb. Swimmers must be 11 or over age at 31st December 2017.

Times and rules are on the SNAGs meet information are: Please log in to see the links

Also, see below the email we received from Derek McGowan who is organising. Any questions please ask Lindsay.

In 2016, EK held an accredited Time Trial event prior to SNAGS for the sole purpose of achieving qualification times for SNAGS in April.

For 2017, we have secured another meet licence for this purpose only and we are able to invite the other SL Clubs to submit entries with the following criteria:

Swimmers entered should be available and willing to travel to Aberdeen for SNAGS if they qualify
Entry times should be close to the Scottish Age Group time (covnerted) with a view to the swimmer having a realistic chance of qualification
Swimmers in events of 400m or above who already have a CT may wish to update their current time to improve the chance of acceptance
A realistic number of events within the 3 hour session to get the best quality out of each event for each swimmer
A cost of £3 per swim
Clubs who enter will be expected to supply as many STO’s as possible to ensure accreditation is met
All events will be mixed gender and age group with all swimmers competing being under the age of 18 on 26th February

We will get back to you on exact times for the day, however it is looking like a 9.30am warm up for a 10.00am start, finishing by 1pm. We have still to receive confirmation from Larkhall for the pool booking for that day so will confirm everything as soon as we have notice.

If you have any questions for this, please let me know as soon as possible.

Closing date for entries will be Tuesday 14th February.