SL Development Meet 1, 2017

December 7th, 2016

The following swimmers have been selected by our head coach for entry into the first SLDM of 2017 on January 7th.
Please ensure you email our Entry Secretary if you do not wish to take part, otherwise you will be automatically entered.


Adam Bestwick Francesca Fairweather Ross McGhee
Sophie Bestwick Joachim Fairweather Murray McGregor
Lukas Black Elise Fawcett Macy McLean
Maisie Black Johann Fawcett Isabella McNeill
Rachel Borland Callum Ferguson Matthew Meechan
Naimh Bourke Cara Forrest Poppy Miles
Anthony Bradley Alexander Gunn Caolan Millard
Louise Bradley Rebecca Gunn Jamie Miller
Sam Bradley Eve Hamilton Theo Monteith
Kuba Bronski Amie Harvey Rory Muir
Sky Buchanan Chloe Hobbs Amber Murray
Charley Chung Jori Horn Neve Murray
Ethan Clearie Hayden Hunter Lynne O’Donnell
Lucas Cochrane Logan Keys Ben O’Reilly
Emily Copeland Freya Lamont Ailun Peng
Lily Crichton Elki Little Emma Russell
Leah Dereje Julie Man Maisie Stewart
Kaysey Dickson Amy McBrearty Owen Wallis
Rona Easton Marcy McFarlane  

Entries are paid for by the club – however, if a swimmer withdraws after the programme has been published or does not turn up on the day they will be subject to a small charge in order to cover these fees.