New LT Core and Flexibility session

October 30th, 2016

You may have tried the new poolside warm up for core strength and flexibility to make you swim faster and lower the risk of injuries to your shoulders/back/hips. After discussion with Lindsay and the Committee we can now offer:

Land Training for Core Strength & Flexibility
Thursday 7pm-7.45pm
Meeting room at Lifestyles Eastfield

(from 3rd November, Term time only, max 12 spaces)

Everyone is welcome, no previous experience is required. Feel free to drop in and try it!

Focus is important – no chatting during class please 🙂

This class helps you become stronger and more flexible. We will focus on different areas of the body in 4 week cycles (hips/shoulders/back) with overall warm up and core strength training every week. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself flexible or strong, your abilities will improve with regular attendance. This session replaces the Saturday morning Core/Flexibility session.


(Poolside warm up continues for everyone who is not attending the new class. Normal Saturday Land Training continues)