Land Training, Trinity High School

March 22nd, 2016


There are some concerns over the numbers attending the land training sessions particularly
at Trinity High.

Swimming is only part of what we do and land training is important to athletes at all levels.
Rutherglen offer 4 different types of session which are made age appropriate.
Our land programme has been a major factor to our Clubs and swimmers success.
Ross Marchbank is our Land Coach and is highly qualified and runs a super programme,
particularly when it is well attended.

Wednesdays – Trinity High
18.00-19.00 Weight programme. By invitation only by discussion with Head Coach and S&C
Coach. It is unlikely that anyone will move onto this programme unless they have already
attended the 20.00-21.00 session.

19.00-20.00 – Basic movement. This is aimed mainly at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Rascals
Squads, although the Development Squads is welcome.

20.00-21.00 – Developing exercises and circuits. Aimed mainly at Junior and Senior
Performance squads but may include some Rascals and Gold squad.

Saturday Mornings
Land Training at Trinity High is usually led by the Squad Coach and is open to all even if you
do not train in the Pool on a Saturday Morning.
Yoga is offered by agreement with the head coach and the yoga coach, Elena Fawcett. Elena
is also highly qualified, but this is not for everyone. Yoga is a serious business and requires
peace and concentration. Again, this would be aimed mainly but not exclusively at the junior
and senior performance squads and is looked at on an individual basis.

There are other land opportunities at other times not run by the club which include
boxercise which are organised by groups and supported by me, again more appropriate for
older swimmers.