Club photographs

January 10th, 2017

Hi Everybody

This is notification that Gerry Bradley will be continuing to photograph all the Club members tonight and seeking out those who he missed before Christmas. Please can all swimmers bring Rutherglen T Shirts, we will have some spares just in case.

More importantly, Lukas Black one of our 14 year old swimmers is a keen and budding film maker. I have given him a challenge to produce a short 5 minute film to do with the Club.

He will be videoing tonight after 18.50 till 21.00 and maybe again at other Club sessions up to Friday, whilst we have exclusive use of the Pool. He will also be recording some interviews. It would be great if everyone could help him with this as this is a first opportunity and a chance to use his new kit. Only the Pool area, in and out of the water and, the café area and outside(perhaps!), will be used.

No one will be made to appear however it will be hard to exclude folk out of the background if they accidentally appear.

Anyone expressly not wanting to appear on this video, please speak to me, email me
or text 07971664498 or email the Chairman Steven Horn.

The finished production will be looked at by myself and the chairman before it is made available or shown. It will be for Private Club event viewing only or perhaps in some publicity about the Club. We will be following SASA guidelines regarding this.

I may also be videoing swims too over the next couple of weeks.

Lindsay Young
Head Coach