Club Constitution

Rutherglen Amateur Swimming Club

Constitution ( Revised 16/06/2011)

1. Name

The Club shall be called “Rutherglen Amateur Swimming Club” (Hereinafter referred to as the Club)

2. Objective

The objective of the Club shall be to promote and encourage the development of all aspects of swimming in the Rutherglen and Cambuslang area

3. Membership

3.1               The membership shall consist of the following categories:

3.2               Senior Members – swimmers of 16 years of age and over. These members shall have full voting rights.

3.3               Junior Members – swimmers under the age of 16 years. These members have no voting rights.

3.4               Parent members – one member from each family with junior members. These members pay no additional membership fees and have full voting rights

3.5               Senior Members (non swimming). These members pay a nominal fee and have full voting rights.

3.6               Membership fees shall be agreed at each Annual General Meeting

3.7               All members joining the Club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution and any Bye-laws from time to time adopted by the Club.

4. Affiliation

4.1               The Club shall be affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA).

4.2               The Club will collect SASA and SASA West District affiliation fees for Senior and Junior members and remit these to the appropriate body.

5. Management

5.1               The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee which shall consist of the Officers of the Club plus a minimum of 3 ordinary members.

5.2               The officers of the Club, who shall be honorary, shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Team Manager .  Meet Secretary, Press Officer/ Web Manager and Fundraising Manager.

5.3                Term of office :

Chairman shall hold the position for 2 years ( eligible for re-election immediately) then become immediate past chair for 1 year.

Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Team Manager, Meet Secretary,      Press Officer/ Web Manager and Fundraising Manager hold their position for 2 years ( all eligible for re-election immediately).

Ordinary member  and Senior swimmer hold their position for 1 year

( eligible for re-election immediately).

If the post of any officer or ordinary member should fall vacant after such an election, the Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy.

The committee shall have the power to adhoc any member of the club to committee whose services may benefit the running of the club

6. General Meetings

6.1               Annual General Meeting

The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in the month of June to:

  • Approve the minute from the previous year’s A.G.M.
  • Receive reports from the Chairman, Secretary and Coach.
  • Receive a report from the Treasurer and approve the Annual Accounts.
  • Elect the Committee
  • Set the level of fees for the next session.
  • Consider changes to the Constitution.
  • Renew and consider any bye-laws.
  • Deal with any other relevant business.

6.2               Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by an application in writing to the Secretary supported by at least 10 members of the club. The Committee shall also have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting by decision of a simple majority of its members.

6.3               Notices

At least 30 days notice and the Agenda shall be given to all voting members of any General Meeting.


  • With the exception of changes to the Constitution, decisions put to a vote shall be resolved by a simple majority at General Meetings.
  • The Chairperson of the Club shall hold a deliberate as well as a casting vote.

6.4               Quora

The quorum at General Meetings shall be 10 members and the quorum for Committee meetings shall be 5 members.

6.5               Changes to the Constitution of the Club

  •  Any changes to the Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote and voting at a General Meeting.
  • A proposal to change the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary who shall circulate the proposal to all members and allow seven days for the submission of any amendments before calling a meeting in accordance with rule 6.3 above.
  • All proposals for changes to the Constitution shall be signed by two members eligible to vote at a General Meeting.

7 Finance and Accounts

7.1               The financial year shall run from April to March.

7.2               The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of Annual Accounts of the Club.

7.3               An independent person approved by the committee shall provide an accountancy report on the Club’s annual accounts.

7.4               All cheques drawn against the Club’s funds shall be signed by any two of the three nominated office bearers. The nominated office bearers shall be the Chairperson, the Treasurer and one other member of the Committee.

7.5               All members of the Club shall be jointly responsible for the financial liabilities of the Club.

8. Bye- Laws

The Committee shall have the power to publish and enforce such Bye-laws as the Committee feels necessary to govern the activities of the Club.

9. Discipline

9.1               The Committee may take action (e.g. fine, suspend, cancel membership) against any Club Member proved guilty of infringing the Club Regulations, Code of Conduct or acting in such a manner as to bring disrepute to the Club. Such action shall only be taken if the principles and procedures embodied in the Complaints and Suspension & Fines section of the SASA Constitution Bye-Laws and the SASA Ltd. Rules have been applied.

9.2               All Grievances, Complaints, and Appeals, except for doping, child abuse or alleged criminal offences and Appeals, shall be dealt with in accordance with Section 10 of the Constitution.

9.3               Grievances and Complaints involving doping, child abuse or other criminal offences shall be referred to the SASA Executive within 48 hours, in accordance with SASA Ltd Rules.

10. Complaints/Grievances

10.1              A complaint /grievance, which is a formal expression of dissatisfaction, or allegation of unfair practice in connection with the management of the Club, can be made by: –

  •  Any member of the Club
  • Any parent or guardian on behalf of a member under the age of 16 years.

10.2              A complaint/ grievance should be made in writing to the Club Secretary not later than 30 (thirty) days after the incident.

11. Complaints Thereafter

11.1              A complaint may be made, against decisions taken by the Club in respect of the outcome of a submitted grievance or a formal expression of dissatisfaction or allegation of unfair practice in connection with aquatic sports as governed by SASA.

11.2              A complaint must be made in accordance with Section 16 of the SASA Ltd Rules.

12. Appeals

12.1              An appeal may be made against a decision taken by the Committee.

12.2              An appeal must be made in accordance with Section 18 of the SASA Ltd Rules.

13. Child Protection Officer

The Committee shall appoint a Child Protection Officer who has attended a SASA approved training course.

14. Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Club, any assets thereof shall not be distributed among members of the Club in any way whatsoever. The disposition of such funds should be the subject of an Extraordinary General Meeting.